For a better tomorrow.

We are committed to improving your overall well-being with our simple and minimalistic products. It doesn't matter if you spend your days at the office, work hard in the gym, travel, or enjoy the stillness at home, our products are designed to help you stay active and keep your body functional wherever you go. Put your mind and body first, and invest a few minutes of your day into your well-being tomorrow.

Our favorite exercises

To help you get started on the right track, we have collaborated with a high-performance exercise kinesiologist to provide you with some of our favorite NOLA Training exercises. You can scroll through these below, and find more on our Instagram.

Banded Squat with Varying Band Positions

Perform a squat whilst constantly pushing out with your knees. Engage your core and scapula for better glute activation. To increase difficulty, vary the location of the band around your legs.

Banded Supine Hip Extension with Outward Knee Press

Once in a supine hip bridge, focus on keeping your hips up to form a linear line from knees to chest. Whilst applying pressure to the band, pulse the knees outwards with control.

Banded Single Leg Lateral Raise

Balance on one leg, and fold your other leg to 90 degrees. Raise the folded leg laterally, but with control, and only up to the point where your hips don’t begin to shift. This requires great core activation and balance.

All 4's Banded Hip Extension

While on all 4’s, straighten one leg without compromising core activation. Draw your belly button in, and begin raising your straightened leg with control.

Banded Squat Walks

From a squatting position, begin to shift backwards along your mat, and eventually walk back to your initial position. Maintain your height throughout, and keep applying pressure to the band by pushing knees out hard. Key is to activate core and scapula, and control the movement. 

Clam Shell

Lie down on your side, and place your knees out at approximately 45 degrees. Focus on maintaining stable hips, as you push with your outward knee against the band.

Tibialis Anterior Release

Push the pressure point ball with both hands into the tissue shown above. Roll your foot a few times clockwise, then anti-clockwise. Proceed by slowly moving down towards your ankle, along the tibialis anterior tissue.

Glute Release

Place the pressure point ball under either glute. Raise the leg on the same side as the ball, and cross that leg over the other knee. Allow your hips to sink towards the ground.

Arch of Foot Roll

Place the pressure point ball under the arch of your foot, and begin rolling. Adjust pressure by varying weight applied to foot.